Joshua Aaron Weinstein

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Theatrical/Film Directing Credits

Assistance by Lesley Headland | Feb/Mar 2014
Presented by LiveWire Chicago Theatre

"Director Joshua Aaron Weinstein's punchy, intriguing staging for LiveWire raises all the right questions." - Chicago Reader

"Joshua Aaron Weinstein's detailed and focused staging." - Chicago Theater Beat

Blockhead by Randall Colburn | June 2013
Presented at Collaboraction's The Decades Project
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A Permanent Image by Samuel D. Hunter | Apr/May 2013
Presented by LiveWire Chicago Theatre

"Director Joshua Aaron Weinstein's production is careful and truthful enough to really catch this crucial tension." - Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

"Director Joshua Aaron Weinstein and an ensemble of actors so closely attuned to one another that they actually seem the product of a single household likewise refuse to wallow in bathos or condescension, but instead present their arguments with an articulate dignity that commands our respect, if not our unmitigated approval." - Mary Shen Barnidge, Windy City Times

"Joshua Weinstein directed this unmissable production for LiveWire Chicago Theatre" - Chicago Reader

"Directed with a keen eye for daily living by Joshua Aaron Weinstein" - Johnny Oleksinski, Newcity Stage

"Weinstein holds the reigns tight on this intense and lingering family drama. A Permanent Image is darkly compelling and potentially life altering." - Chicago Theater Beat

A Bright New Boise by Samuel D. Hunter | Nov/Dec 2011
Presented by LiveWire Chicago Theatre

"LiveWire's latest takes an unflinching look at the price of belief, suggesting that you win if you can just believe in something." - Newcity Stage

"A fair-minded analysis of what draws lost souls to extreme religion and the delicacy of connection... Earnest performances and an eye-catching set (Jacobson and Radovsky's set is a work of realist modern art) lend to a thoughtful interpretation." - Chicago Theater Beat

"In a strong central performance, Hickey depicts a man tortured by the thing that is also his greatest happiness... As aggressive, foul-mouthed store manager Pauline, Allison Cain layers in a genuine sense of pride that shows the character's dedication to her work." - Time Out Chicago

Short Straw by Bilal Dardai | November 2010
VisionFest3: Feast presented by LiveWire Chicago Theatre

"Notable is Bilal Dardai's The Short Straw, about a man forced to execute his brother." - Chicago Reader

Vinny by Sebastian Aguirre ® 2009
WCProductions Film
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Lower Debt - Workshop | October 2009 | writer/director
Presented by LiveWire Chicago Theatre in association with Chicago DCA Theater

From DCA Theater Blog 'LiveWire Theatre captivates audience with a modern Everyman tale': "Some of the questions that director Joshua Aaron Weinstein asked in an earlier blog: 'What about this play inspires you? What doesn't? What characters do you connect with, and which do you not care about? How does the language of the play feel to you?' really helped fuel the discussion last night after seeing the work-shopped version of 'Lower Debt'. After a well-paced, thoughtful and language filled hour and fifteen minutes of 'Lower Debt', the audience readily stayed in their seats to talk about what they had just seen, and to offer feedback about the changes that could be made before LiveWire Chicago Theatre launches a fully produced version in Spring 2010."

Recognition by Elizabeth Dubus | August 2009
VisionFest 2009 presented by LiveWire Chicago Theatre

When Jaina Met Jared | June 2009 | writer/director
Private Commission for a Sangeet

Her Brilliant Sway of the Moral Hinge by Holli Gipson | May 2009
Presented by Inchworm Playreading Series

IML ® 2008 | co-creater/director/editor
WCProductions Film
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Red Angel by Eric Bogosian | Oct/Nov 2008
Presented by LiveWire Chicago Theatre

*** "Director Joshua Aaron Weinstein calibrates the tension just so... this LiveWire production has it nailed." - Nina Metz, Chicago Tribune

Reader Recommended "Joshua Aaron Weinstein's thoughtful and calibrated production in the tiny Side [Project] space (made to feel much more expansive by Anders Jacobson's terrific book-lined set) teases out the tensions with wit and intelligence." - Kerry Reid, Chicago Reader

**** "Weinstein's direction goes a long way toward establishing a plausible arc for this passionate evening of sex and chitchat." - Time Out Chicago

Green by Sebasitan Aguirre / Happy Hour by Scott Glander | August 2008
VisionFest 2008 presented by LiveWire Chicago Theatre

Handshake of a Stranger © 2007 | co-writer/director/editor
WCProductions Film

Urbana © 2007 | writer/director
WCProductions Film

A/other Lover © 2007 | February 2007 | writer/director
Presented by LiveWire Chicago Theatre

**** "There's plenty to admire about writer-director Weinstein's short head trip... this sounds a lot like Woody Allen territory, as do Weinstein's insights..." - Time Out Chicago

The Bout © 2006 | August 2007 | writer/director
Presented at the Abbie Hoffman Theatre Festival XVIII