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Review For Patchouli Visions -

"The band creates an elaborate web of acoustic textures laced with compassionate, thought-provoking lyrics and sentiments, brotherly love, racial tolerance and ecological issues. For a trio, the group creates some intoxicating grooves. Exotic percussion and acoustic bass propel intricate guitar work... Other highpoints on this disc of overtly positive music are the richer, more world-beat instrumental excursions of "Visions" and the polished, jazz-tinged swing of "Ella's Song."

- Mick Skidmore, Relix Magzine (October 2000)

The Bonedaddies: Mike Armintrout (bass/vocals), Matt Brandseth (guitar), and Weinstein (drums)
Patchouli: Bruce (guitar/percussion), Julie (bass/percussion), and Weinstein (drums/percussion)
Band of Make Believe: Armintrout (guitar/vocials) and Weinstein (drums/percussion)
Private Records: Armintrout (bass), Ron Carlstrom (keys), Mike ??? (trumpet), and Weinstein (drums)
the pass out game: Edward Fairchild (guitar/vocals), nil jones (bass), Clay Rogers (guitar), Weinstein (drums), and Frank Winslow (guitar/vocals)
Cheap Flights to Japan: Aleks Zarnitsyn and Weinstein